coral infinity speaker

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  • ₪1,400.00

• DSP speaker with two active 6.5" woofers and a sound processor that allows control and sound processing

• Amazing with sound and strong bass and dynamo with power pmpo 800W

• 4 connection options – Mirco SD- USB – AUX and Bluetooth for smartphones and tablets

• Bluetooth connection (version 5.0) listening to music wirelessly to the speaker

• TWS - connecting 2 speakers to one audio source wirelessly to receive stereophonic sound

• FM radio – digital tuner that includes automatic scanning

• A large FIRE LAMP LED display shows the status of the speaker, song minutes and more

• 6.3 PL input - for connecting a musical instrument such as a guitar with a selector and violins separately

• Control of bass and treble switches for full adjustment of the sound

• Full and convenient control of all functions using an IR remote control

• Increased rechargeable lithium battery that allows up to 6 hours of playing

• Possibility of digital recording directly to an on-key disc

• Microphones – 2 wireless microphones, wired microphone input, control switches for echo volume

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